Seiscenter SA -based on Buenos Aires, Argentina- operates since 2000 focused on seismic processing, integration of geological-geophysical databases and especially on subsurface model generation through pre-stack depth migration.

Hardware and software capacities are primary concerns. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that dedication, professional background and experience must be the main asset. Full-time dedication and knowledge of geophysical techniques are the bases to determine success or failure in specialized studies.

Seiscenter’s aim is to integrate work experience with client insight so as to improve exploration and production achievements. From its inception Seiscenter has succeeded in the task of maintaining high quality, efficiency and professional ethics in their customer's service.

Staff training, upgrading, technology and reinvestment have been the foremost strategies adopted to meet the needs of the petroleum industry.

Seiscenter’s competitiveness relies on the appropriate implementation of these policies

Seiscenter S.A. - Te. (54-11) 4345-0566 - Fax. (54-11) 4331-9339 - Email:
Alsina 756 1º Piso - C1087AAL Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina