Other Geological and Geophysical Services

Geophysical and Geological Integral Assessments

Seiscenter’s team of geoscientists has completed several integral G&G assessments, from Geophysical interpretation to Geological evaluations of plays analyzing petroleum systems, wells, reservoirs, traps, source rocks, seals and remaining potentials.

– Argentinian Sea Basins
– Cerro Vagón Lease (Neuquen basin – Argentina) – Pampa Petroleum
– Itaguazurenda Lease (Bolivia) – YPFB
– Tres Quebradas (Catamarca, Argentina, Lithium prospect) – Liex
– Bloque 12 / Palosanto Lease (Paraguay) – Lundin

An excerpt of our recent study of the Argentinian Sea Basins (see last chapter) can be downloaded from Full Report.

Geophysical and Geological Databases

Seiscenter has developed many G&G databases, a detailed example is given on Argentinian Sea Database.
– Argentinian Sea Seismic Database
– Colorado-Salado Basins – Enarsa
– Offshore basins – Wintershall-DEA
– Neuquen basin – GyP Neuquen
– Santiago del Estero basins – Pcia. De Santiago del Estero
– Salta basins – Pcia. de Salta
– Ecuatorian basins – YPF


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